Logout si udělal čas a zveřejnil již finální informace o letošním JH-Conu. Pro podrobnosti klikněte na stránky MB Maniax. Jen připomenu basicové kompo (anglická verze). Není na tom nic těžkého, příspěvky už mám např. od Dexe, Patriota a jiných.

Logout has finally published official info about this year JH-Con party.

Date: 16,17,18 December 2011
Country: Czech Republic
City: Jindrichuv Hradec
Address: Husova 333/II, 37701, Jindřichův Hradec
Where: Vítězslav Novák Gymnasium (http://new.gvn.cz)

GPS for drivers:
N 49° 8.87220′, E 14° 59.95887′ (or 49°8’52.332″N, 14°59’57.532″E)

It should be clever to contact organiser at logout128 AT gmail DOT com and send a mail with JHCon2011 in Subject.

Some important info:
The party is taking place in two regullary rented classrooms, it should be warm heating in both of them. Unfortunatelly the school building has very old wooden windows from 1920’s, so there is normally wind from the outside near of them, especially when the outside temperature is about -20 degrees. You will sleep on gym mats, but take warm sleeping bags. Sometimes, there is a electric heater available, but it doesn’t heat all the room well.

Entrance fee is voluntary, but as much money will be collected, as less Logout has to pay on his own money.

Food on your own, in local restaurants. Beer price = about CZK 25, ordinary meal from CZK 60 to 200.

So, you are welcomed. Of course, if you wanna bring your own hardware, take your own electrical extenders and monitors.
P.S. There is no bigscreen at the party. But maybe someone may bring it.
P.S.2 DON’T FORGET OF THE BASIC ONESCREEN GOTO-LESS COMPO! ;) Along with it, there will be some at least one more competition on recognizing ZX game screen, etc.

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