I’m almost sure this blog will get under stronger attack of hackers by switching to English. But I don’t care much. There’s a kind of need to tell the non Czech speaking world something, so here’s my first English article on my blog and I’m pretty sure others will follow some day.

The reason I write this is the last Forever party. For those who might not know, it’s a demoparty held in Slovakia since the year 2000, so this year we had a nice number sixteen in the order. I’m not surprised that I’ve won everything what I could. There’s a strong self voting possible –  thank you guys for voting for me, btw. I got two tees plus one for Overflow’s MSX demo, and I gave one to LiSu, who deserved it.

As time goes on, everyone’s getting old, there are no demoscene newcomers, almost. The demoscene will die with us one day, that’s for sure. We can be proud of what we’re doing – show me youngsters doing such things for fun. Some people took organizing of Forever to their hands. Someone has to do it, that’s pretty clear. There were years, where organisers asked the crowd if they should do another year party. There are years, like this one, where it’s almost clear that the show will go on next year. As organising such an event is financially expensive and non-profit, not everyone has so large enthusiasm and will. At the end of this Forever party, some things changed. The next Forever, numbered 17, should have changes in the ogranisation team. The old/new website will hopefully add necessary forms to specify important things about visitors, the non existing (true) reservation system should take in account needed beds in the hostel and I hope there will be much more cooperation between orgas between the platforms. For example, the C64 section has never had a presentation system and nothing seemed to change this. The ZX team is doing their hard job for other platforms compo, like Thomson, PMD-85, Amstrad, MSX, SAM Coupé and many others. This is why Forever is open for all 8-bit machines, not only for The Major Three. Were you asking why the C64 orga team always hid themselves in the right corner behind the bigscreen? Not only because Wotnau had to change his clothes. I think some things should change, as well as making a proper party schedule like it used to be in the past. The fun compos could start on Friday, to warm people up for proper compos. The speaker guy should operate from the beginning, there should be prepared demo shows, not like now – just to sit there because there’s nothing on the bigscreen and run random demos. With mic commentary, if possible. So, there are things to make better and things no not to repeat again.

I don’t want to say any cliché, but I have to thank eveyone involved in organising Forever that they aren’t giving up, overcoming problems, buying prizes, making this party cool. I also don’t hide that I’m opened to help with organising. I’d like to do it because Forever party deserves this kind of attention.

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  1. With regard to that self-voting – I never vote in compos that I participate in, even if I can. And I hope no one actually does. It is a matter of conscience.

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